„Kuli“ an electric sack barrow.

Kuli Pro and Kuli

kuli battery packs

A trolley is a practical aid, but if the to be carried Load is too heavy or gradients are overcome, the device Operator quickly to the limit. Then our hand truck with electric drive „KULI“ the ideal tool. Whether or beer crates Planters: KULI protects the force provides security and saves time. He mastered loads up to 300 kg. The driving speed allows the operator to continuously adjust. Can during prolonged use be lifted out of the empty battery box and replaced with a new one.

Technical Data

 KuliKuli Pro
Width670 mm480mm
Length500 mm 600 mm
Height1420 mm1320 mm
Weight without battery40 kg 29,5 kg
Shovel L x W250 x 400 mm245 x 220 mm
Speedup to 6 km/hup to 6 km/h
Gradient5 %/ 10 % / 20 %5 %/ 10 % / 20 %
Payload300 kg / 150 kg / 75 kg250 kg / 150 kg / 75 kg
DriveDC Motor 24V 400 WDC Motor 24V 400 W
Gearing1 to 251 to 25
BrakeAgainst current / magneticAgainst current / magnetic
Steering mechanism
Dynamic R90 24V 90ADynamic R90 24V 90A

Battery weight:

Lithium = 6,3 kg
Lead-Gel = 9,1 kg

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