The „Firefighter“ is a small, manoeuvrable electric vehicle. Its applications include airport terminals, industrial plants, etc. The vehicle can be to your liking with extinguishers are fitted. It is ideal for the initial fight small fires, as well as for fire control of hot work such as welding and grinding work.


Technical Data

Width: 680 mm
Length: 1900 mm
Height: 1350 mm
Load area : –
Ground clearance: 100 mm
Wheel size front: 4.00 – 4
Wheel size rear: 4.00 – 4
Weight: 260 kg
Speed: to 12 km/h
Gradient: 10%
Max payload: 250 kg
Batteries: 2 x 12 V, 100 A/h
Range: ca. 30 km
Drive: DC  Motor 0,8 KW
Brakes: Counterflow/magnet
Electronics: 24V 160 A

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